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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Fencing Updates! With the new Laser Cut Structure

With the redesign of the structure, we've made changes to the Fencing design.  This assembly method is fast and easy - as long as you follow the directions.

The assembled and installed Fencing (unpainted and on a temporary structure)

These following steps show you how to assemble and install the fencing.


The fencing comes in 3 blocks, 2 of them have the pickets, 1 of them has the 2 beam sets.


Use a sharp exacto knife to cut the tiny tabs on each of the pieces.  Be Careful!  This is Basswood (not plywood) and you don't want to break/crack the material.  Don't force the parts out of their blocks, cut the tabs until the parts drop/pop out fairly easily.
Then separate the parts out into their 3 groups (beams with no holes, beams with holes, and pickets)

Attach Beams (no holes)

You'll glue the no-hole beams to the faces of the pickets.  Ensure they are centered and aligned.  This doesn't take much glue - basswood glues pretty easily with CA Glue.


Once the no-hole beams are glued on (and dried), put a coat of paint on BOTH SIDES of the fencing.  We use a dark green, you can use any color you like.  While painting, you will also throw a coat on ONE SIDE of the beams that have holes in them.

Prep for the Magnets

We provide a magnetic installation option.  This option protects the fencing from accidental breakage.  In the event that the fencing is bumped, or something is dropped on the Advent House while assembled and on display, the magnets will easily pop off and hopefully not break any of the pickets.

** READ through these instructions at least once, then read through again while following the directions - it is imperative that you do these next steps exactly as described below.

Start by using a sharpie (or other permanent marker) to mark either end of the magnets (doesn't matter which end).  And from now on - DO NOT remove any individual magnets from this pile/stick until told to.  It is ESSENTIAL that the magnets stay in the proper order during installation.  Otherwise, you'll get a polar opposite problem and the fencing will repel instead of staying in place.

You now take the Marked end of the magnet pile FACE TOWARDS YOU  - And KEEP IT that way.  Place the 'non-marked' end of the magnet pile into one of the holes on the assembled pickets/beams.  Then use a spare piece of wood/material (or anything non-magnetic) to push the rest of the magnets off that one, leaving it sitting nicely in it's hole.  DO NOT let the magnet turn over in its hole.  Practice this process a few times before you start with the glue because fixing it later (if installed incorrectly) is a nightmare!

Once you are sure that you have the process down - go ahead and rebuild the magnet pile, keep the marked end towards you, add a drop of glue to the holes in one of the pickets, then repeat the installation process for all the magnets.  Once you slide the rest of the magnet pile off of the magnet in the hole, you'll want to use a piece of paper towel to wipe the surface of the fencing to prevent glue build up.

Repeat this process for all of the magnets that go in the holes on the pickets.

As long as you keep the marked end of the magnet pile towards you, and you ensure the magnets don't turn over in their holes during installation, you'll then have all of the magnets installed on the fencing in the correct orientation.


While the glue is drying on the magnets in the fencing pieces, you'll now attach the beams (with the holes) to the faces of the roof.

Align all of the 'hole' beams to their proper location on the roof.  You'll then run a bead of CA glue along the face of the top/flat roof.  Start with the center one, and hold in place until the glue is dry.  Make sure the front center one is centered (the 2 ends will hang over just a little)  Also, be sure to align the top of the 'hole' beam with the top of the flat roof.

MAKE NOTE - these 2 small side pieces must be pushed FORWARD, up against the front fencing beam that is already glued in place.  Pushing this piece forward allows room behind it for the long fencing pieces to fit.  Once you are sure you have it where you need it, add glue and hold until dry.

Repeat this process with the other fencing beams.  You'll then glue the long front facing beams, then the shorter side beams in place.  Be sure to push the longer side pieces forward (just like with the short side pieces).

Glue these all into place and allow to dry.


This next step takes practice - so before adding glue - read carefully and practice a few times.  Once comfortable with the process, and assuming it's working as expected, THEN add the glue.  Just like before, once glued - it's a nightmare to fix if wrong.

****   PLEASE NOTE ****
Once the glue is totally dry on the magnets that are glued to the fencing pickets, you must now add the rest of the magnets to the fencing pickets.  Each magnet should attract easily since all of the glued-in magnets should be orientated correctly.    *** DO NOT GLUE ** these 2nd magnets on.

So now, you'll have your fencing pickets with 2 magnets for each hole location, 1 of which that is sticking out of the back of the fencing picket.  You can see this in the image below of the fencing piece that is laying on top of the roof.

Now here is the process you'll need to follow:

First, lay the correctly sized fencing picket on top of the roof, right next to where you'll be gluing it in.  As seen below.

Then add a generous drop of glue into all of the beam holes of THAT single fencing piece  - NOT all of the holes of all of the fencing.

Now you will align the fencing magnets (the 2nd ones you added without glue) to the beam holes and press the magnets into the holes.

Then, (Quickly) while applying a little pressure into the fencing beam that is glued to the roof, slide the fencing piece to one side.  This will separate the 2 magnets and leave the 2nd magnet in the beam hole at the perfect depth.  If the magnets try to twist or turn, but it's still mostly in place, simply wipe it gently with a paper towel to make it flat.  If something goes wrong, quickly remove the magnets and wipe all surfaces with a paper towel and try again.

***  PLEASE be careful to NOT allow the fencing pickets to glue to the fencing beams.

You'll now repeat this process on each of the other fencing pieces.  Make note that the smallest fencing pieces are a bit of an extra challenge (since you can't slide them very far), so practice a few extra times there before adding glue.

And now the whole fencing system needs to be allowed to dry FULLY.  Once all of the glue is dry, you will then be able to simply touch the fencing to the roof and the magnets should stay strong enough, but be flexible enough to pop off if bumped hard.

In the unfortunate situation, if any of the magnets got flipped over during install, or installed backwards, and are now repelling instead of attracting, you'll need to take some time to dig the magnet out of the house portion (NOT the picket portion - it might break) and try to make it right.

And it's Done!  The fencing is now ready and can be stored safely too.

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