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Monday, November 6, 2017


We told you you'd like this news.  We are always working to improve the design and assembly and quality of our products and we have done it again.  With the recent completion of the redesign of the Full Mansion Kit, we are now able to offer this Kit at an incredible price.

Starting today (2017.11.06), the Full Mansion Kit is now only $349.99!

Don't miss out for this Christmas!  Buy your kit today and get it assembled and completed before December 1st!  You know you've wanted one of these for a lot of years and maybe the price has just been outside your grasp.  But not anymore!

Kit's are shipping now!  So order today and get yours on the way!

What's better than that?  I'll tell you.  Maybe you aren't interested in the kit.  Maybe you simply want to open the box and set up Completed Advent House on a table.  Maybe the price tag has been too high for this item online.

But no longer!  The price of the Completed Mansion Style Christmas Advent House has been dropped significantly!

Starting today, the Completed Mansion Style Christmas Advent House is only $1399.99!  

This completed House is ideal for those who have no interested in assembling a kit. The complete Advent House comes with Plasti-formed Brick with light tan grout, textured roof and interior lighting as well!

So whether you want to be able to tell your friends that you built it with your own hands, or if you just want to set it up and be ready, now is the time to buy.  Get either of these items at extraordinary pricing, just in time for this Christmas Season 2017!

So visit our store at and Buy Now!