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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mansion Style Order of Operations

The instructions below are old and can be ignored.


We are working hard to make your dream of having an Advent House this year in your.  Here is a semi-detailed step-by-step guide and order of operations for when assembling your Mansion Style Advent House Kit.

Start by assembling the gluing jig

Using the gluing jig:
Glue up all window frames and backs
Orient the windows for correct swing (for when assembled to the structure)
Apply the face and the sill
You can apply keystone here or later
(ensure all shutters swing as desired before painting)
Then glue up door (ensure doors swing smoothly as desired before painting)

Then paint all window parts and door parts (30 min)

While the window and door parts are drying - begin assembly of structure

Assemble the Structure

Transfer Fencing Holes to faces of roof top
Drill roof face fencing holes

Assemble Fencing with fencing beams
Paint fencing

While fencing is drying

Apply Laser brick to structure,
sand/putty/sand brick corners
Texture entire house with gray stone texture
ELSE (using plastic or clay brick)
Texture bases and roof (not walls)

While Structure texture is drying,

Assemble the Tower Cuppola, trim and spire.
Paint Atrium Faces & Tower Faces and Top assembly

While atrium faces and tower are drying, Apply vellum to back of shutters
Print window pictures on vellum and apply to frames
Print door vellum and apply to door frame

Apply keystones if not yet applied

Once structure is dry,
Mask off bases
Paint Walls/Brick the color of your choosing
ELSE (using plastic or clay brick)
Apply Brick to Walls
Once dried/cured
Grout brick

Once structure /brick is dry
mask off walls and bases
paint roof color(s) of your choosing

While structure is drying,
Assemble Atrium Structure
Paint back of Atrium Structure

While atrium structure is drying
Apply vellum to Atrium faces and Tower Faces

Assemble fencing magnets to fencing AND faces
(make special note of magnet orientation N/S)

Begin final assembly:
Assemble windows into structure
Assemble Door into structure
Assemble Atrium faces to Atrium Structure
Assemble Tower
Assemble Atrium and tower to Structure
Assemble Fencing to Structure

And that's it!  Now you can add snow and icicles and decorations and even lighting if you want.

Use our contact page if you have any questions.