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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Illustrated Window Build

Here it is - the Illustrated Window Build.  This is the step-by-step into building your windows for your Advent House.

The end goal looks like this:

So how do we get there?  We follow these instructions, as illustrated below:



We start the Window Build by painting.  Paint one side of each window frame and window light, making sure you get the edges too.  Whatever method you choose to paint, get everything painted up and dried well.  Hang the parts from a line, lay them on the ground, spray paint, craft paint.  Your choice. Keep in mind that the Keystones and Dormer Extensions will absorb paint differently than the frames and lights so you'll need to ensure they end up the same color by painting different amounts on the parts.

After painting and drying, you'll need to attach the Vellum to one side of the window lights.  To do this, reference the Tower Frame instructions.  In short, lay the window light on a protected surface and lightly spray with spray adhesive.  Then carefully lay the vellum on top.  After drying, use a sharp knife/exacto knife to trim all edges.  Do this to half of the window lights (the other half get glued to the back of these 'vellumed' lights).

In this image you can see I'm trimming the pieces out of the full sheet of vellum.


 Mark Hinge Locations

Next we mark where the hinges will be.  Since the hinges (the little black nails) have depth, we need to trim a small amount of material out of the hinge location.  Stack two window lights and place them inside a single window frame. (this brings the window light with the vellum up to the same level as the window frame)

Mark or cut a line in the center of the window light and the corresponding location on the frame.  Make note on the frame of the bump-out where the hinge will be.


Mark Top Location

Also mark the top location for the hinge.  Be sure the window light is totally centered in the window frame before marking.


Trim Hinge Location

Now take the time to trim out the vellum and wood so that the hinge will sit in there and the two window lights will still fully contact each other.

Make sure you trim both sides equally so the window light is centered in the window frame.


PreFit Window Lights

After placing the hinges in the window light and gluing the two faces together (you'll use spray adhesive on the non-vellum window light then press the two together.)  You will have the hinge in place.

Now lay the window light assembly into the window frame and trim the window frame to have the hinge fit there as well.



After ensuring the hinges fit well, glue the two frames together, sandwiching the window lights and hinges in between.  You'll probably want to keep pressure on this assembly while the adhesive dries.


At this point, the window assembly can go several directions.  First, if you plan on using this as a 'wall' window (not on the roof), then you're almost done with the assembly.  You'll need to add the keystone, the keystone backer (optional), determine the orientation of the opening, add the window image on the back and put on the window handle.

To determine the direction of the window opening, consider where all of the window will be on the house.  If the window is on the right-hand side, you'll want the window handle to be on the left of the hinge and vice versa on the other side.  If it's a middle window, it's your choice.


Additional Details on completing the Windows are pending.