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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Full Mansion Kit Build Time

I get a lot of questions about how long it will take to fully build the Full Mansion Kit.  And this is a great question.  Many people want to know if they have the time in their schedule and if they can get it done before Christmas, or even before December 1st so that they can use it as designed, for a Christmas Advent Calendar.

Well question no more.  We have recently redesigned the Full Mansion Kit to make it easier to use, build and finish.

We now estimate only 2 good weekends, and some hours during those 2 weeks to fully finish this Full Mansion Kit.

The process is as follows:

Week 1:
Spray paint the Atrium Faces, Atrium Back, Window Sills, Dormer Walls, Dormer Extensions, Window Keystones Backers, Fencing and Tower Faces.
Disassemble the Door and Paint that too. (You may want to add additional details to the door as well)
Lay out all window frames and shutters to ensure each is opening the direction you want them to open.  Then spray paint all exposed sides of each.
Decide on window images and get those printed on the supplied vellum.

Label and break out all of the individual structure parts (Please keep these organized)  Cut and sand as needed.

Weekend 1:
Assemble the Tower Cuppola (add trim and spire) - Then paint.
Assemble the Main Structure
Attach Concrete Bases to the assembled Main Structure
Use a simple wood putty to fill in all gaps and holes, sand to desired smoothness.
Mask off the main structure and use a grey Stone Texture spray to cover the Concrete Bases.
Next, Mask off the bottom part of the structure (including the bases), and use a texture (orange peel, stone, etc) on the roof front, sides and top (no need to coat the back side, unless you want to).

Use glue spray (on a very light spray setting) to attach the vellum to one side of the a shutter.
Put hinges in Frames, and sandwich the shutters inside the frames, around the hinge, using the glue spray.  Use a small drop of super glue to glue the hinge to the the inside of the shutter.
Place a 'masking' paper in the completed windows, then use spray glue to attach the images on the backs of the window frames.
Attach the Dormer walls and dormer extensions to the dormer windows.
Spray Glue the image to the back of the door.

Week 2:
Assemble the Tower
Use a glue spray to put vellum on the backsides of the Atrium Faces, then assemble the Atrium.
Apply the exterior finish of choice to the main structure walls (Advent House Plans sells 3 different exterior brick options). If using the formed or real clay brick, also apply the grout (sold separately)
Put the Door where it belongs

Weekend 2:
You are now ready to assemble it all together.
Attach Windows to structure
Put Atirum on Structure
Put Tower on Atrium
Add Interior Lighting (not included)

And VIOLA!  Complete!  Beautiful!  Take a picture, send it my way, then display proudly your work of beauty.  Let everyone enjoy this great Christmas Tradition beginning today!

Merry Christmas to all.