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Friday, October 25, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

The end of October signals a desire to begin planning for Christmas.  The leaves are falling; the air is colder.  Maybe you already have snow on the ground. In all parts of the world, people are gearing up for Christmas.

What do you need to plan for Christmas this year?  Who is getting what presents?  What are you getting for Christmas?  Real Christmas Tree or a Fake one?  What family will you be seeing?  There are plenty of plans to make to be ready.

Another important step in planning for Christmas is getting your Christmas Advent House.  You can buy a completed Advent House at a couple of small shops online, but they are spendy and you're unlikely to get your house this year.  You'll probably be on a waiting list and be lucky to get your house 2 years from now!

Save yourself the time and money and buy a Full Mansion Kit from us.  The kit is a fraction of the cost of a completed house, comes with everything you need to construct your own Family Christmas Advent House, and you can Buy It Today, and have it ready for Christmas This Year!

That's right, don't sit on a waiting list hoping to get your house sometime in a few years from now, buy the Full Mansion Kit, build it at home in a couple of weeks and have it ready before December 1st of this year!

If you are feeling particularly crafty, you can check out the other Kits we offer.  Save yourself some cutting time on those, but build the rest from the Advent House Plans that you can purchase.

Whatever your choice, planning for Christmas this year MUST include a plan to get a Christmas Advent House today as part of your decorations.  Build it from plans, or part kits, or from the Full Mansion Kit, but get your Advent House Today!