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Monday, January 11, 2016


The Christmas Vacation Mansion Style Christmas Advent House Full Kit is ON SALE NOW for our Post-Christmas Sale.  But it's only for a limited time.  

Maybe you already have the full kit - maybe you have just the plans - maybe it's time to GET the Full Kit - maybe you can build another Advent House for a family or friend.

You can get the Full Kit right now for $100.00 off the current retail price of $599.99.  Save yourself some big bucks by buying now and have all the time you need to get it built and ready for next Christmas.  You won't see a better price on the Full Mansion Kit ever.  The price will never be this low again.  Take advantage of this Post Christmas Sale and Buy Now.  Sale is for a limited time.

Go here:, choose your options (We suggest the Plasti-formed Exterior Brick), and Buy Now!