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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas in July, 2013

It's late July. In our area there hasn't been a single flake of snow in what seems like forever.  Seems like a good time to get started on your Advent House!

So go check these out:

First, look at the Full Mansion Kit, This kit contains everything you need to build the Advent House, minus the finishes such as paint, texture, snow, icicles, etc.

Feeling a lot more adventurous?  Buy a set of the Advent House Plans.  The plans provide you with everything you need to cut and build your advent house.  Dimensions, layouts, design, etc.  You can do it all yourself by building every single piece yourself.

Maybe want to be somewhere in between the two?  You can purchase the Advent House Structure, all pre-cut and ready for assembly.  Or, buy the Window Kits (includes everything you need for a single window).  Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at the Atrium Kit?

It's Christmas in July!  Time to be thinking about Christmas!  Get started on your plans, parts and kits so that your Christmas Advent House will be ready to go on December 1st!