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Thursday, December 29, 2016

After Christmas 2016 - SALE!

So you opted out of getting the Christmas Advent House for 2016.  Ok, we get it.  Maybe it was a timing thing - maybe it was a money thing - maybe it was something else.  But whatever it was - let's set all of that aside and finally make the leap and get that Full Mansion Kit and get your Advent House ready for next year.

Post Christmas Sale - 2016.  The Christmas Advent House is now on sale for a Limited Time. Visit our website and take advantage of a great price right now and be ready for next year.  Don't delay!  Get this now and be ready!

Visit our website:, add your items to the shopping cart, and use the following coupon code to get an additional 10% off your entire order.  Go ahead, then, and get the side windows addition.  Add the super nice Real Brick too!  Get the vinyl Keystone numbers!  Your entire order will be 10% off.

Coupon code:  post2016

Take advantage of this Post Christmas Sale and get your Christmas Advent House ordered today!

This is a limited time offer.  Once expired no more coupon uses will be allowed.