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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Updated Order of Operations

With the new season, as Christmas approaches, we have been working hard to develop better and faster and easier ways for you to have a Christmas Advent House this year.  Because of this, we are always updating our model, and our kit, and doing our very best to keep up with the instructions and assembly information.  So...  Here is the latest updates for assembling the Mansion Style Advent House and the order in which you can assemble:

  1. Assemble the Gluing Jig.  (no longer needed with the new window and door kits)
  2. Assemble all of the Windows - NEW - 2020.10.02
  3. Assemble the Front Door - NEW - 2020.10.02
  4. Assemble the Atrium
  5. Assemble the Tower
  6. Assemble the Structure - UPDATED - 2020.11.24
  7. Putty/Sand/Texture/Paint
  8. Assemble the Fencing
  9. Final Assembly
  10. Lighting Options

***The new window kits come with the dormer option included.  Check out the Window Assembly instructions for how to add the Dormer option.

And you should have a fully functional, totally gorgeous, and hand-built Christmas Advent House for this year!

Questions?  Please Contact Us!  We're always happy to answer questions!